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Our partners

Vuakem worked closely with the trading companies, productors, factories, to develop the best products that we deal for all customers. Together we will continue to improve the system over time to sell and order or share the benifits.

Vuakem (Pafo) is an import international company for the foods, equipments, ingridients and food solutions and develop the online branding, even to be the distributors or presentatives.



 1. IFI (Italy) - firm specialising in the production of bar and gelato parlour furniture on the history of food & beverage outlet furnishings all over the world. 


 2. La Marzocco (Italy) - Named after the symbol of Florence, Italy – the lion – La Marzocco has been the leader in espresso machine innovations since 1927.


3. Taylor (USA) - Built on the origins of Charles Taylor’s automatic batch ice cream freezer in 1926, Taylor Company is a world leader in foodservice equipment solutions.


4. Fabbri (Italy) - Found in 1905  for natural ice cream shops, sirups, gelato as a leader in all over the world.


5. Rubicone (Italy) - Found in 1959, produced proudly in Italy semi-finished ingredients for Gelato since 1959 with the motto is "Good taste in Italian Gelato" 



6. Taycool (China) - Found in 2000, located in the fast-growing city Shenzhen, China, is concentrated in ice cream machines, frozen yogurt machines, commercial soft ice cream machines

7. Fama (Italy) - Found in 1953, leading company in catering, bar and home appliance equipment manufacturing for restaurants, hotels, shops.


We have got many channel to sell all foods and machines from oversee import, related ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream ingridients for ice cream shops, coffee shops, ice blend shops and bakery shops...

Our partners that we desire like the productors and manufacturers of ice cream powders and ice cream machines or coffee machines.

Our partners we aim to

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