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Our Project

Thuy Chau International Co., Ltd (named with a a continental under the water or abbreviation of Watercon (Water Continental International Company or Thuy Chau International Compnay), one of the companies focusing on importing ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream tools, coffee machines, ice machines, kitchen equipments, and only more Italian products.
We began doing business of ice cream powders, ice cream machine in 2010 with our desires to support the best services for all ice cream shops, coffee shops in Vietnam.
Nguyen Van Tuan
and his staff start a small online business that introduces the best products for Italian gelato and beverage shops in Vietnam. Laying the groundwork of what now, years later, would become a veritable channel in the ice cream, the gelato and beverage solution, they decide to call the VUA KEM
(Thuy Chau International Co., Ltd), short for “Power of water through all continents (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America) to find the value of products and bring the best value to lives.”



IFI (Italy) - VUAKEM (vietnam) meeting Jan, 2015


In the first years of activity, Thuy Chau make out the correct direction to introduce Italian ice cream products for ice cream shops, coffee shops that can only  belong by the high quality.
In addition to focused on Italian fruit pastes, the first leading product of the Italian companies, Thuy Chau created a lot websites and channel in order show the customers what we have got now. Like the slogan : Simply Is Quality.


Throughout the following years, we always find the best producers and newer products in order be the strategy partners, always stick together in the longest term, related fruit Paste and Base powder and then, topping or pure, sirup. 


The biggest turning point, however, comes in 2016 when Mr. Tuan decideds to establish the new company, named Thuy Chau with the plan finding out the best products through all of continents and serves for all our customers in the world, not only in Vietnam. 


And then, we will find all products in Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, USA… in order to support all of the customers with the passion and desire into the clear food and beverage, seeing in the all of shops over the world.


It’s the best trademark for the ice cream shop and cafe, appeared in Vietnam since 2010. With the mainly competencies as a bridge between foreign enterprises and Vietnams’ to provide ice cream powders, ice cream machines, coffee machines intothe Vietnamese market and only by focusing on product quality, service, and support policy is to build a system of direct sales, sales onto theinternet, providing products prices Manufacturers origin.
We are considered a pioneer in shaping the market of the ice cream powders, ice cream machines, coffee machines, in order to support the shops of ice cream, pastries, coffee in Vietnam, makes the brand's most popular KING OF CREAM (VUA KEM)
Our products offer outstanding quality, competitive price, after-sales service dedicated professionals have received very positive feedback from customers.
With all our desires to bring good values ​​improve the quality of life and convenient for all the people of Vietnam. How to Vietnam every family, every business or shop Vietnam may own the raw materials origin cream net clearly, the best machinery from Italy, the product is good for health , best quality, profitable business for the long run, it's something that we strive constantly over the years.
With the objective and motto "Simply Is Quality", every customers can see through the products that we supply or be our sales representative in Vietnam. 


Located Ha Dong district, a town of Hanoi, Vietnam and built a lot second offices in the future.


Thuy Chau International (Watercon), No 26/14 Mau Luong st, Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam, call +8424 – 232. 11111 (Headquarters) 

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